Rugby Shirtee was formed in late 2019 following the typhoons that hit Japan during the Rugby World Cup. 

Our jersey tees soon became the basis of our products, with 500JPY from each purchase donated towards those affected by the typhoons (read more below), with the paper crane logo epitomising hope, one that has traditionally been used in Japanese culture to pray or wish for better times.

Conscious also about the impact that fashion and clothing can have on the environment, we aim to reduce this by ensuring all items are print-on-demand only, thus eliminating the need for any stock which has become a serious issue in waste fill.

We are currently designing items using used rugby jerseys and hope to share these with the world very soon as we step up our sustainability pledge.


In the second week of October 2019, one of the most deadliest typhoons on record struck Japan, devastating large parts of the Kanto and Tohoku regions. It is thought that over one metre of rain fell in the space of 24 hours in some areas.

The typhoon claimed the lives of 99 people and, coupled with Typhoon Faxai that had struck just a month prior, 100,000 homes were damaged.



500 JPY from each purchase on Rugby Shirtee will go towards repairing and rebuilding the lives of those affected by the devastating typhoons in 2019, thanks to Japan Platform.

Specifically, Japan Platform will clean up areas affected, repair damages to housing like below and build community centres that offer local rural communities a sense of togetherness despite the hardships that the typhoon brought with it. You can read about more of their work here.


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